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  • I ask that you guys pray for my best friend Tiffany Concepcion to accept Jesus Christ as her savior and allow him to enter her heart, mind, body, and soul. I ask that you guys pray for me and ask God to use me as his disciple and as her spiritual influence. She's always confused, overwhelmed, and depressed with life and a life like that without Jesus is not a life I want to see my best friend live. Thank you!
    David Jeanbaptiste - Mar 24 2017
  • Jennell is in Critical Condition at the hospital.Pray that she makes it and has a full recovery
    kim - Nov 29 2014
  • Please pray for Jennel that she pulls through ..she is in critical condition at the hospital....i thank you for your prayers in this time of need!!
    kim . - Nov 26 2014
  • Please Pray GOD will get rid of all bed bugs and ticks in my house and they never return. Been fighting them for a week and cant get rid of them without GOD.Please Pray I don't have to do anything myself anymore because it's been real stressful trying to get rid of them.Please Thank GOD for answering this Prayer also in JESUS Name. Thank You
    Phil - Oct 18 2014
  • For God to strengthen marriages and families that are under Satan's attack. For the people of God to stand upon His Word believing that He is able. For the Imani family to pray for the Lord's healing of Pastor Samuel Hutchins
    Anthony Drummond - Oct 14 2014
  • For the Holy Spirit to bring a revival to the people of God in the city of Moreno Valley through the ministry of Pastor Mike Mupfawa and the Imani Praise Fellowship SDA Church
    Anthony Drummond - Oct 14 2014